• Top speeds of 110 mph initiated on February 15, 2012 between Kalamazoo, Michigan and Porter, Indiana on Amtrak-owned track (just under 100 miles) as a result of investments in the Incremental Train Control System.
  • Michigan was selected to receive just over $400 million for 7 projects as part of the FRA's High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program.
  • The largest grants, totaled over $346 million, to acquire and improve rail services along a 135-mile Dearborn and Kalamazoo segment for passenger speeds up to 110 mph.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017.
  • There was over $43 million in station projects including new stations in Dearborn and Troy/Birmingham, a major station renovation in Battle Creek, and a grant to complete preliminary engineering and environmental work for a new station in Ann Arbor. New stations from other federal, State and local funding were also built in Grand Rapids and East Lansing. The funding for the Grand Rapids project was a Rail Line Relocation and Improvement federal grant. Along with the new station a spur track was reinstalled to serve the facility.
  • Another federal grant for $7.9 million removed rail passenger and freight conflicts by establishing a direct connection at West Detroit between the Dearborn and Detroit New Center stations. Work included building a new bridge, connector track, plus 5 new crossovers and signal improvements and was completed in December 2015.
  • Also Michigan received a grant for $3.2 million which will produce a Corridor Investment Plan for the federally designated Chicago Hub (Chicago-Detroit/Pontiac) High-Speed Rail Corridor, which includes a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, and Service Development Plan. This plan will be completed in late Spring 2017.




  • Michigan's Intercity Passenger Rail System Map (pdf 610kb)
  • Amtrak serves Michigan with 3 intercity passenger rail routes in Michigan.
  • Wolverine service from Detroit and Chicago, 3 daily round trips.
  • Blue Water service from Port Huron and Chicago, 1 daily round trip.
  • Pere Marquette service from Grand Rapids and Chicago, 1 daily round trip (Amtrak services 22 station communities in Michigan.)